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5 Things to do BEFORE you Hire a Virtual Assistant

So, you’re an entrepreneur and you want to learn how to hire a virtual assistant? Well, before you start looking for a remote worker, ask yourself some questions to make sure you’re ready to bring on a new team member. Get to know your candidate and make sure you hire a virtual assistant that fits perfectly with you.

To help you out, I’ve put together 5 steps that business owners like you need to do BEFORE you hire a virtual assistant. 

5 Things to Do Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant

1. Get Clear on Their Role and Responsibilities

In outsourcing a virtual assistant, you need to be clear with everything. Communicate and share with your VA the role and responsibilities they will be doing while working with you. Write down their job description to get things started smoothly while they can sort out the list and know their way around working with you. 

When everything is clear, your virtual assistant will be proactive in working and completing tasks. 

2. Set Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

When you hire a virtual assistant, setting a KPI can make the flow of your work together run smoothly. This will determine tasks for a virtual assistant that you will hire to work for you and break them down into different categories. Your VA will know what to prioritize first and which work should be last. 

Guiding them in their goals and work is a key to keeping track of how they are performing on the job. If they keep on missing deadlines and not meeting your needs, maybe you can find the perfect one to help you with this matter.

3. Set Up an SOP or a Training Manual for Them

Will your virtual assistant be using a smartphone? What communication method is favorable for you both? If working with a person remotely, you need to set an SOP or give them a training manual. Specify the programs and software that you usually use. Share your particular way of working and building your brand so they will be able to understand it better.

A Bible Document for your business is a must. This works as a guide when you hire a virtual assistant filled with explanations and information regarding your brand, log-in details, and other areas that are important for your business. 

4. Make Sure You Have a Project Management System Set-Up

Management Systems are common if you want to achieve an organization’s objectives and goals. Working with a virtual assistant typically needs a better understanding to get the base foundation when they are working with you. Processes and procedures must be addressed properly by meeting your expectations.

There is a wide array of Project Management Systems that you can set up to regulate your businesses and works. Asana, ClickUp, and Monday.com are some of the most known systems for you. The virtual assistant you work with will understand the project and keep up with the deadlines as detailed as possible.

If you are not sure how to get started with a project management system, take a look at our videos on How to Structure Monday.com for Agencies’ or ‘How to Set Up Asana for Service Providers on our YouTube channel. 

5. Don’t Expect Them to be a Magic Wizard

When you hire a virtual assistant, they cannot learn everything in 2 days. Set the right expectations when you hire a virtual assistant. They can help you big time but have to give them time to adjust and to keep up with the work pacing. Managing expectations is a great part of your working relationship with them. Make sure to reach out for help and communicate effectively.

Some virtual assistants have their strengths and weaknesses so try to understand their skills and knowledge.

You might be surprised at how easy hiring a Virtual Assistant is when you do these 5 things BEFORE you hire a virtual assistant. You will have people who are eager to learn more about your business and help you grow your own. From there, you only need to talk to those that most connect with you and choose the one you feel will be the best fit for the job.

Building a team is scary but you can come and talk to us at hello@levelupoutsourcing.com and we will help you through the whole process. Email us right away to learn more!

5 Things to do BEFORE you Hire a Virtual Assistant 2021 | How to hire a Virtual Assistant

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