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5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Graphic Designers

For some graphic designers, the idea to hire a virtual assistant to help with their work seems like an unappealing prospect. However, as job demands continue to increase, stress levels have risen at breakneck speeds every day.

Remember that it’s not a “One Man Show” and therefore there is a solution to the pressure. This has numerous advantages that outweigh the expenses and duties. Hiring a virtual assistant isn’t an option — it’s a must. Before hiring a virtual assistant, learn more about their role and differences from traditional assistants to avoid harming client relationships.

5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Graphic Designers

Here are top five reasons you as a graphic designer on why you should immediately hire a virtual assistant

Reason 1

As a graphic designer, you want to focus on your area of genius and not the tedious tasks. Don’t get bogged down with managing your inbox, replying with messages, chasing contracts and countless invoices. Do what you love and focus on your area of design expertise. So when you hire a virtual assistant, it is like having an extra hand in the business.  You can stop wasting precious hours and spend energy trying new strategies like LinkedIn outreach or Instagram marketing. 

Reason 2

As a graphic designer or entrepreneur, it’s hard to turn down a $5,000 client work. The second reason you should hire a virtual assistant is because of the talent pool. You can hire a VA that has experience in your field to help you with complex tasks that can pitch in when you don’t have time to do it yourself such as creating logos and websites.

Reason 3

The third advantage  when you hire a virtual assistant as a graphic designer is that they can help you with a wide range of marketing tasks that you don’t have time to complete. But, as a business owner or graphic designer, you know that these things still need to be done. So it could be anything from writing blogs, editing films, creating social media.

However, if you find a VA that is familiar with marketing, they may be able to assist you. We have video editors from the Philippines who make and edit these videos for us. It is close to impossible to produce or edit videos as beautifully as our editors do. It’s also beneficial to take your marketing to the next level since they may have experience in various fields that you don’t have. It also aids in giving you back some time to focus on other things because you won’t always be sitting down to edit videos or create blogs, for example.

Reason 4

Another consideration is that you might transition from being a graphic designer to running your own creative agency. If you’re a graphic designer who focuses on branding, logos, rebrands, and websites, you may go from having clients to becoming a full-fledged creative business. You’ll get a lot of consumers asking for social media management and assistance, in which you may have a team of virtual assistants with diverse areas of expertise for all of the things your clients are requesting. Then, after that, you’ll basically have a creative agency that you can use to help your customers by saying, ‘Yes, we can assist you’. That is the perfect time to hire a virtual assistant and you may know more on the 27 Time Saving Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do to help you build a startup agency.

Reason 5

The fifth and final benefit when you hire a virtual assistant is that I can almost promise you that as a graphic designer, you haven’t had time to set up the backend systems and procedures in your company so everything starts to run on autopilot. I’m going to wager that you’re getting caught up in client work and losing track of everything else you have to accomplish. So you don’t have time to set up these systems or procedures, and your virtual assistant can help with that. They can look at your business, your working methods, and begin to either write or record standard operating procedures once they’ve examined them.

Is it needed to to hire a virtual assistant?

To see a full video explanation of this blog article, check out our YouTube video to keep up to your designing excellence.

And if you are a graphic designer that would like to break away from the pack that spends so much time tinkering with all the details then a virtual assistant has all the answers for you. Email us now at hello@levelupoutsourcing.com and let’s find the right solution for you in locating the ideal Virtual Assistant to bring out the best of client-focused design.

5 Reasons Why a Graphic Designer NEEDS to Hire A Virtual Assistant | VA for Graphic Designer

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